Build in Relationships

Build in Relationships

Customer service shares a major role in building trust in marketing.CRM or customer relation ship management has a vital role in marketing. Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on long-term relationships with customers. This approach aims to enhance the post-purchase-exchange process with a customer aiming to build a richer contact by providing a more personalized purchase and using the experience to create stronger bonds. Relationship marketing doesn’t require a lot of investments; instead it focuses on gathering and using old customers' data. Ensures the satisfaction and loyalty of customers. This focuses on customer feedback and data-optimized product marketing. This method not only creates customer relations, but also creates a reputation for the brand and, therefore, spreads the business among the customers.

Type of Relationship Marketing

1. Basic Marketing

It is the traditional form of relationship marketing in which a brand works to attract customers to buy its products. This is a form of direct selling with no further follow-up and no review request after the purchase.

2. Relative Marketing

In relative marketing, the brand actively seeks feedback from the customers. Through relative marketing, a business is ready to accept complaints, compliments, suggestions, etc

3. Accountable Marketing

This level of marketing is all about promising and delivering. It is all about actively providing solutions to problems. It also focuses on customer feedback and makes adjustments accordingly.

4. Proactive marketing

In this form of marketing, a consistent client tab is maintained on a brand’s customers to build effective relationships. It is not a temporary interaction; the strategy is very personal. E-mail marketing is a widely used mode of proactive marketing. This collects maximum information about the client and helps in paying close attention to a customer's wants and preferences

5. Partnership marketing

It involves a high level of collaboration. In this case, the two businesses work together towards a common goal. It could be for a specific campaign, product or set amount of time. It enhanced the promotions for both companies.

The Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Through this type of marketing strategy, a stronger bond with customers is created. This is in terms of improving customer satisfaction, retention sales, positive reviews, creating life-long brand advocates etc.