Bookmarking of Website in SEO

Bookmarking of Website in SEO

Bookmarking site is one of the top three link-building strategies used in SEO. While having a bookmarking site on SEO process will be improved on your website and also the google ranking will be improved. Most SEO companies use this bookmarking site for building links for the articles and all. That is an effective SEO strategy that always provides link building strategy.

Fresh Content

This features fresh content. Search engine sites will visit the bookmarking site regularly. And this fresh content is one of the advantages of getting your backlink from social bookmarking sites.

Usage of Bookmarking

  • Bibsonomy : is a system that uses for sharing bookmarks.
  • Pinterest : Web and mobile application that offers visual discovery collection-sharing and storage of the images.
  • Reddit : Users will submit content in the form of either a link or a text post.

Benefits of Bookmarking

  • Ability to share pictures, videos, and links.
  • Increased search engine visibility and brand awareness.
  • Quick indexing in google.
  • Increase in SEO value
  • Bookmarking tells search engine algorithms that your authority and credibility. This will improve your SEO