How React JS Boosts Your Website SEO

How React JS Boosts Your Website SEO

React JS is a front-end library developed by Facebook. Mainly used for handling the apps on our mobile. It allows the creation of reusable UI components. This has a strong foundation. This is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.

React JS is a library for building composable user interfaces. Most of the peoples use this as a V in MVC. It can also render on the server using a node and it can power native apps using react-native. React JS will let you compose ULs from small and isolated pieces of code called components.

React is all about components you need to think of everything as a component. It will help you to maintain the code when working on larger-scale projects. It also implemented a one-way data flow that makes it easy to reason about your app.

Server-side rendering is the easiest way to create an SEO friendly website. To solve the React web app problem with SEO you need to understand how google bots work. React JS is highly efficient and easier to write JavaSript. It is good for SEO and easy to write UI test cases.

How does it affect your SEO

It builds simple interactive website ad apps that feel fast. It enables to achieve that app feeling navigation between pages without a reload which increases the user experience. It helps the developer to create a great user experience that is positive for SEO.

React is a good choice to build an SEO-friendly website because it will set it up correctly. React developers that can help you to make sure that your react site is optimized for both the user and SEO. Normally react runs in your web browser. The visitor can see the content directly without having to wait for reacting to run fast.

Advantages of using React JS

  • It boosts productivity and facilities further maintenance
  • Ensure faster rendering
  • Guarantees stable code
  • It is SEO friendly
  • Comes with a helpful developer toolset
  • It is backed by a strong community.

When using React split your reducer code into smaller methods to avoid huge JSON within your reducer. Use the create react app generator to bootstrap your react JS app.