Influence of Trolls

Influence of Trolls

Trolls are a person who posts inflammatory and offensives things in online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, with the intent of provoking others online. Trolls were first used as an internet slag by the BBC and Usenet. Trolls are generally used to show a perspective on a subject. For example, a common troll can tease or insult a fat person and support him. Trolls have good and bad sides.

Trolls have used a means of growing business and education. For example, PSC Trolls is a troll page created by a group of youngsters. This page now active on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The page shares the trolls that inform the readers with general knowledge. Usage of trolls has helped people remember things easily as general knowledge is mainly facts, figures, and numbers.

Trolls are playing a strong role in business marketing. Every company wants its marketing messages to be effective and impressionable. Normally, marketers focus on positive emotions when promoting products and brands. Troll marketing is a combination of positive and negative emotions. The popularity of trolls allows troll marketing to easily translate to younger audience . When brands troll their younger audience, and since these trolls tend to go viral, it’s a good chance to reach a new audience. The common methods of troll marketing that brands are following :

  • Trolling their competitors
  • Trolling their public
  • Trolling celebrities or public figures.

When executed these methods correctly, it can probably most inexpensive marketing tool out there.