Package Designing

Package design determines your brand's first impression and no matter the value of the product you serve inside, once you look best outside, then your brand is valued. Being cognizant of the significance of package design in setting a brand afar, we, Proelement Creatives bring forth inventive and potential ideas into action. We serve brands with every aspect of a package, from structural engineering and printing techniques to graphic design and material selection, to be tailored and fit the aesthetic of the brand. Our team of seasoned designers is vested in delivering designs that reflect your brand identity and essence. Beyond design, we implement innovative and thoughtful packages that at the same time mirror art and echos functionality. Taking account of environmental responsibility our packages leverage eco-friendliness simultaneously ensuring sustainability, practicality, and cost-effectiveness enhancing the overall consumer experience.


What rates a good Package Design?

Package design are medium to best convey your brand identity and vision to the targeted audience. The best package design is that which reflects the brand essence simply yet creatively catering to a wider audience. In line with the nature of the product, the package design adheres to the Indian regulatory standards ensuring legal compliance along with consumer satisfaction. A good package design incorporates elements like ingredient lists, safety warnings, etc effectively, ensuring that it provides essential product information. Besides technicalities and directives, a good package design incorporates colour palate that best relates to each brand’s colour theme and arrests people’s attention.

Studying each brand and their needs our team at Proelement Creatives creates package designs that excel in look and touch. Whether you are a homegrown brand or an established business, our package design ensures that your products are enveloped in a manner that relates to the standards of both local and global markets. We derive designs that pop up in the selves and attract consumers effectively


Narrative Story Telling

A proportionate blend of visuals, hues, and copies to well suit your brand personality and reflect your objectives to the targeted audience.

Print Media

Employs high-resolution imagery that accentuates the product's texture and brand identity ensuring that the package maintains a premium appearance, effectively communicating the product's quality and brand message to consumers.

Types of print design

  • Duplex Box: Common for various products, provides protection and ample space for branding.
  • Bottle: Typically used for liquids like beverages, condiments, and cosmetics.
  • Jar: Ideal for products like sauces, creams, and spices.
  • Pouch: Flexible and lightweight, suitable for snacks, powders, and liquids.
  • Tube: Convenient for products like toothpaste, creams, and gels.
  • Blister Pack: Offers individual compartments, often used for pharmaceuticals and small items.
  • Can: Sturdy and stackable, commonly used for beverages and food items.
  • Carton: Used for packaging multiple items or as secondary packaging for protection.
  • Tin: Durable and decorative, often used for specialty foods and gift items.
  • Sachet: Single-use packets, convenient for condiments, cosmetics, and samples.